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Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210mp

Lincoln PowerMIG 210mp Review

The Lincoln PowerMIG 210mp is one of the most powerful welding tools weighing around 50 pounds and with a height of 14 inches and a width of 10.7 inches. It also has a dual voltage input feature of 230 volts and 120 volts. It’s a welding tool that has a multi-process feature, such as Stick, MIG welding, flux-cored welding, and TIG. However, it’s not limited to that, there are other features that you can enjoy upon using this welding equipment. For one, it can even be used on 3/16 aluminum as well – whenever the extra spool gun is plugged.

If plugged in a 120-volt energy source, this device ranges from 20-140 amps and in a 230-volt output, the amps range from 20-220 DC, giving you enough power to easily weld up to 3/8 inch of mild steel and stainless steel. As for the wire speed, it runs as low as 1.3 meters per minute and can even go as high as 12.7 meters per minute.

Notable Features

The Lincoln PowerMIG 210mp is a powerful welding device packed with a number of remarkable features, making it the top choice of most homeowners and auto mechanics. Here are some of the features you can expect from it.

Dual Voltage Inputs

With this, the machine can be plugged in and used anywhere it is needed. As mentioned before, it works on both 230-volt and 120-volt power option, making it very reliable and sturdy at the same time. Likewise, since it’s lightweight, it can be carried anywhere you go, whenever you need it.

Thermal Overload Protection

The Lincoln PowerMIG 210mp has a thermal overload protection that will automatically cut output power to the gun when the circuit inside starts to overheat, preventing further damage. The fan, together with other cooling mechanism will continue to run the way it should be in order to disperse the heat.

This is a really helpful feature for novice welders (and even veterans!) who might push their machines too hard without knowing the damage it can cause. That’s a nice insurance policy to have on an expensive machine.

Weld with Ease

It has a ready, set, weld feature making it very easy to use. Not just that, but it’s digital set-up system makes the set-up quite convenient to perform, as the large display guides through the set-up, together with the advanced settings it is really simple and readily accessible.


It can handle the toughest and biggest jobs. Thanks to the fact that it’s not only flux-cored, but gas shielded as well. It also comes with a DC stick welding feature, which is capable of welding 5/32 inch-thick electrodes.


  • Diamond Core Technology: Despite the fact that diamond core technology is known for giving an exceptional arc action, it’s still not commonly utilized in most welding machines. This is what makes the Lincoln welding machine stand out, it comes with a diamond core technology, giving the assurance that it’s way better than its competitors.

  • No Extra Equipment Needed: There’s no needed to buy additional equipment just to operate this one. Aside from that, it doesn’t have special features that ask the user to buy certain accessories just to run it. A lot of welders find this point very convenient, because most of them hate to get something while in the process of working.

  • Easy-turn Numeric Drive: This gives an indication if there is any tension in the machine. Aside from that, it also pinpoints the optimized ranges from wires that have various diameters.

  • Brass-to-brass Connection: It improves the conductivity of the machine. The wire alignment is supported by the rigid drive system. This gives the assurance that the wire feeding would be smooth. As for the cast aluminum body, it’s enclosed with a gearbox, resulting in better torque performance.

  • Tool-Less Design: Neither flux-cored nor MIG welding needs specific tools for polarity changes. It also comes with a plug-and-play feature that’s ready to be used.


With a price of just over $1,000, some would consider this to be quite costly. However, if you’ll consider the features and high power it has, it’s definitely one of the best welding machines in a very affordable price range. The features and power will save you time and ultimately money over the much cheaper options out there.

Final Words

The Lincoln Power is perfect for home use and in small workshops. It can be used to weld things like steel fences, for example, but it’s also ideal for larger home projects, repair jobs, shops, and even auto body shops. As for the cost, it’s definitely affordable if you’ll think about the features it has to offer. Thus, it’s definitely a great machine for educators, hobbyists, and contractors as well. It’s ready to use that it’s a perfect choice for any emergency welding job that might arise.

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